Decided to test the microphone circuits between the audio panel J1/J2 and the microphone jack. Found out that the Co-pilot mike main went to the pilot's mike main jack. Next tested the pilot's mike main and it didn't go where it was supposed to go. Problems in the wiring from the back of the audio panel to the pilot/co-pilot mike/headset jacks. I need a note book to keep track of where things go for now so I can try to figger out how to make them right. For starters, I pulled the panel and disconnected the big audio plug. First, I'll see where things go from the plug back to the audio panel. Second, I'll see where they go from the plug to the jacks. Then I can rearrange the jack side of the plug to match the audio side of the plug. Hopefully, any way. I plan to head straight up to the hanger after work tomorrow to start tracing and recording.

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