Jeroen Glazener Kit 615 PH-GLZ

Building since 2006. I am not trying to repeat the blow by blow verbal and pictorial accounts of others, but to concentrate on things which I have found interesting, useful, baffling or frustrating. Hopefully that can help fellow propheads, but also make it readable for others. Above all I want to show that it is simply great fun and very satisfying to do!
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I have arranged the album by Manual Chapter, with the odd interlude in between. However, that is also roughly the chronological order, so if you want to see me getting greyer, this is the way to do it.

Jan '10. After setback with installing the main landing gear, all the ribs are now in. Next step- installing the legs and wheels.
February. The plane is now standing on its own feet! See Chapter 29
March. Back to the rudder system (Chapter 22). Put it aside for a while to concentrate on the wheels, but now need to finish it up,
April. Rudder system done. Now working on another piece of unfinished business- the elevator trim system (Chapter 19).
May. Got the fuselage top out of storage and started work on it (Chapter 23). Survived scare with twisted tail. Now working on Mod 64B- Hi Top modification.
December. Just to do something different, worked on door latches (Ch 34)
2011 January. Back to Tailplanes for Mod 73. Apparently they fall off if you don't do this.
2011 December. Making an honest stab at sorting everything that needs doing before the next step - bonding on the top

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