Anti-Magnetometer 1.

We kept on getting set back with our Magnetometer install because our heating system was giving us fits.
Wayne was given our 155,000BTU unit ~ Year 2000 and it was used then.
We converted it to 115v AC, (it was configured for DC).
First it quit one cold night. Filter was replaced, strainer cleaned and nozzle replaced. It worked for half a day and quit again. I looked inside tank and it looked pretty disgusting. Alan and I spent the next several hours taking a Kerosene bath, using about a dozen gallons of Kerosene in the process shaking and turning the Kerosene burner in an attempt to clean out most of the grunge. Unbelievable what came out. Every time we thought returns of rust was being reduced we did something like shake upside down and a ton more would come out. We probably got one and a half pints of rust out of our fifteen gallon tank and perhaps 6 oz. of water. The fact there was a baffle in the tank made us dump not only from the filler, but to get on the other side of the baffle we needed to use the drain on the bottom of the tank.

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