Aft door warning switches 1.

When fabricating the removable covers that will complete the conduit from the aft window sill to the beginning of the straight aft most pieces of conduit, (located just forward of the baggage bay bulkhead), we need to take into consideration the switches and wires for the aft door shoot bolts that send signal to our warning system.
Here you see one of the two beautiful switches we purchased from McMaster Carr.
The switch will be attached to the plane by first screwing to a piece of G-10, (that will be form fit to the fuse shape), using #2 Torx head, Trilobal Stainless Steel screws for plastic, then floxxing the G-10 to the fuse. The Trilobal screws have a #7 driver and are somewhat resistant to loosening, although I will still put a star washer under head and probably a dab of JB KWIK weld for good measure.
There is a plastic conduit that chases our roll bar into the ceiling on both sides of the plane, (just above this switch).

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