Other uses for a pedal powered battery charger.

Hurricane Irene came to visit me on the North Shore of Long Island.
I lost power at my home and it's looking like the Power Company may not restore it very soon.
Time to put the battery charger to practical use!
I stopped by the hangar and all is well including power (and computer).

**First off I borrowed two 9aH AGM Lead Acid batteries form my build partner Wayne
**I put the two AGM batteries in parallel and gave them a full charge from 12.8V each, charging them off the battery charger.
100% charge is 12.8V
75% charge is 12.6V
50% charge is 12.4V
25% charge is 12.0V
This measurement should be done after at least 2 hours sitting to get a true reading.
Anyway these batteries were both at 12.8V. It took me ~ 45 minutes total (with some rest breaks) to top them
**Once the batteries were topped, I made a down and dirty portable light
**The batteries for the camera were Delta Peak charged from the battery on the battery charger using an Astroflight charger. The AstroFlight charger runs off of 12V.
**All the pictures in this album were taken with batteries charged from the battery charger, there was no flash used, just the two portable lights with those batteries charged from the battery charger as well.

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