9' + 15' Power Cords for connecting the battery to generator.

You need a 3 prong 115VAC extension cord to connect the battery to the generator.

**** NOTE:
In this 12 volt application, we are using the neutral blade and the ground prong for the two conductors. If you use a two prong extension cord, no electron flow will occur to and from the battery or generator.

To keep the Watts loss to a minimum (least amount of wasted energy heating up the wires), try and use a line cord that is at least 14/3, better yet 12/3 or 10/3. If you have a 14/3 cord, best if it's no longer than 15 feet long. 12/3, best if it's 25 feet long or less.

I found two extension cords that are adequate and shown in the photo.

Cord on left:
Purchased from Home Depot. The mfg. is Husky. It has three outlets on the female end of the extension cord, 2 on one side and 1 on the other.

Part number:


$15.96 plus tax

Cord on right:
Purchased from Target. The mfg. is Woods. It has three outlets, one on the end of the cord (3/3s position), one at the 2/3s position and one at the 1/3 position from the male plug.

Part number:


$15.49 plus tax.

Either of the above extension cords work fine, they however are not as flexible as the 6 foot Target cord (in the previous pic) nor do they have a 90 degree male plug that makes it a bit neater install when plugging into a outlet strip that's laying on the ground.

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