Keeping Europa battery and pilot in good shape.

Please note:
** Any picture that has a spiral wire binder on the left side is an album that can contain many pictures. Click the picture to enter.
** If you see a blank space that says "no thumbnail", there's a document or spreadsheet contained within. To access click "no thumbnail", then click Download document or spreadsheet.
** After entering an album, keep in mind there can be sub-albums within.
** The majority of pictures can be viewed in two resolutions. The default resolution is low. If you want to view in the highest resolution, locate on the top of the picture on the right side a drop-down menu, click "full size". If you want to get back to the low resolution, scroll to the top of the picture, then to the right side, click on the down-facing arrow and select the lesser resolution.
** One slick trick for comparing and studying multiple pictures is to open up 2 or more tabs on your browser and have different pictures on each tab! This makes it very easy to compare or study multiple pictures, just click on the tab you want.


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