Bob's picture of random install 3.
Think perhaps from Flight Crafters? Much higher up than his install.
Here is Garry Stouts description of installing Ultimate ventilator 1" away from edge of windows on his 914 Tri:
"The hole I drilled to fit the ventilators was in the Plexiglas windscreen. I think in the UK they call it "Perspex" or some such thing. I used a cheap and simple tool called a "fly cutter", chucked into my cordless drill. Make sure you have a steady hand, and turn the drill at the lowest speed possible..........like 50 RPM if possible. It made a neat, clean hole and I bonded the ventilator in with Redux. The whole job couldn't have taken more than 5 minutes. I drilled the holes in the outermost corners of the windscreen, leaving about one inch clearance from the edges of the windscreen. I hope this description helps."

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