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We built a bespoke buggy. Which was in two halves.

We introduce the buggy half at the side and locate using a pin with screw thread which goes into the bottom of fuselage at the rear of the buggy into a prepared anchor point.

Then the other side. After that the two sdies are wheeled together on castors at the front and locked with an over the centre latch.

The aircraft is now a snug fit in it's shaped cradle with it's weight still on the main wheel. The cradle then had an over the centre jack handle on each side. This only lifts the cradle 4 inches or so onto the larger running wheels on the bogie and the castors that allowed sideways movement are now a couple of inches off the ground. This allows the retraction and lowering of the U/C without any problems. It also allows you to retract the U/C and lower the bogie back down onto the castors. This allowed us to move the whole thing in any direction around our somewhat limited garage space.

Our bespke trailer requires the bogie to be jacked up and the U/C to be down. It then is rolled up the trailer ramp, into the trailer with tail wheel sitting in a little bogie and running in a groove. The whole lot snaps into place and the main wheel grounds so that while on the road the weigh of the plane is mainly on its own suspension.

To set all this up and mould the foam on the cradle etc we first put a length of 3"x 2" wood through the spar holes and bolted legs to it so it kept it level. This was not good enough to retract the U/C.

When we wanted to lift and rotate the fuselage we positioned an engine hoist at the front and put webbing straps under the engine mountings of prop flange depending on whether the engine was fitted but before the propeller. Then we attached another webbing strap to the garage roof and round the fuselage in front of the fin. Once the bespoke buggy was removed it allowed us to roll the fuselage right over and spray the underneath and fit stuff in the wheel bay etc. Beware of the action of the bungees when the aircraft is on it's side. When the gravity side of that equation is removed the U/C snaps shut with vengeance.
..........You did ask :-)

I have attached pictures as I think a version of the bogie on castors would be really useful without all the jacking up and trailer attachments.

It took us a year to build the trailer alone. The buggy was a weekend and another to mould the cradle with expanding foam and cover with plastic leather cloth.

The whole lot has behaved faultlessly and allows two people to dismantle the aircraft and be on the road in 20 minutes. I still use the check list because things have to be done in the right order and it is easy to forget something.

Pick the best out of that lot.

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