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The first picture is of the Flight Crafters initiated stand. Heavy, can't lift the
tail because of the forward slanting wheels, sticks out a foot from the plane. Real ankle biter.

2nd picture is of my 1.5 inch steel one. Wheels are aligned with main axel, easy to lift the tail and set the tail wheel on a 5 gallon bucket for easy rigging with my wing walkers and or to do maintenance, and 50% lighter. This one shows the small wheels, I prefer the six inch for ease of motion. Made cheaply from 1.5 inch square tube of 1/8 inch wall thickness, with gussets at the joints, or 1.75 inch square tube of 1/8 thickness without gussets.

Third picture is how it attaches to the arm. I use 1/32 inch phenolic on the steel angle iron that is holding the gear arm to reduce scratching.

The rig can use castors, but I prefer a standard wheel dolly used by car nuts to drive the plane on to then roll it sideways.

I would like a stand that jacks under the engine frame to do retract checks, but most guys are now building trigears so I haven't taken the time.

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