Wing straight 4.

Acquired some tools for bonding top skins on short wings:
* 14 foot straight edge borrowed from next door
* Purchased two lengths of 16 gauge (.060") 1.5" box section (a little over 12 feet ea.) mild steel ($85). Left oil on them to help prevent corrosion, then wrapped with Saran wrap, on bottom side which will contact wing we put a piece of 3M 375 packaging tape, then marked top with a piece of green masking tape
* Brought over a 1" x 2" aluminium U channel to temporarily bond onto bottom of wing to help keep aileron hinge mounting area straight.
* Almost purchased Microlam 2x8s from 84 lumber, but would need to rip in half. Cost ~ $55. Figured steel box section is more useful to have around, perhaps can use to fabricate a fuse holder.
* Bud said you need 3 eight foot sections for weighting top skins on glider wings. He uses 2" x 2" aluminium angles.

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