FL22 and W25.

My front lift pins W25s seem to look OK.
Overall length 2.235"
Parallel sides of pin protrusion, (no threads or round tip), of .975".

My flap drive pins FL22 appear they perhaps should be the same dimension as the W25s?
The overall length is close to the W25s, but the parallel sides of pin protrusion, (no threads or round tip), are different to each other, and different from the W25s?
One pin has parallel sides of pin protrusion of .890"
The other pin has parallel sides of pin protrusion of 1.045"

Subject: Re: FL22 do I need new pins?
From: "Bud Yerly" <budyerly@msn.com>
Date: Wed, October 6, 2010 7:06 pm
To: rparigor@suffolk.lib.ny.us
Cc: "Karen Ward" <karen.ward@europa-aircraft.com>
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I had to look. You have one of the bad FL 22 pins indicated in the Service Bulletin.
OK in the grand scheme of things we need at least .3 inches of thread to go through
the aluminum and glass and 0.5 is sufficient. That's OK, but I think the FL 22 you
have is a bad one indicated in SB 16 and here is why. Granted, you can put the one
that has only .89 inches of smooth shaft in, back it out for the one inch from the
closeout to the cylinder portion end thinking it allows for one inch needed for flap
travel. But that will be a problem later on with grease and dirt filling the thread
protruding and it will cause hang ups later.

The FL 22 I have gives .8 inches of thread, a full inch of cylinder, and 1.25 inches
of shaft including the dome head. That is a sane and rational dimension for the
FL22 and will give more than an inch of play in the bearing, and proper flap
operation the manual calls for.

I'll send you a set.

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Subject: FL22 do I need new pins?

Hi Bud

I laid out the hardware last night for wing and flap rigging.

I think I may need replacement pins for FL22 flap drive pins?
Whats your opinion?

SB16 wants you to have at least 10mm of flap drive pin extension when flaps are
fully deployed. It also mentions that the pins have 1" of parallel sides of pin

It appears that my W25s and FL22s perhaps should be the same dimensions.
Both of my W25s have .975" of parallel sides of pin protrusion (.025" shy of 1").
Also where the thread meets the parallel side, there is a nice radius thus there
will not be too much of a stress riser at this intersection.

My FL22s have different length of parallel sides of pin protrusion to each other
and compared to the W25s.
One is .890"
The other is 1.045"

Also the FL22s have an attempt at a machined radius at the start of the threads,
but there are some sharp edges.

Are my FL22s Ok to use or do I need replacements?

Here is a picture:
Click Full size: 2592 x 1944 for higher resolution.

Do my W25s seem OK?

Ron Parigoris
44 Carriage Drive
Kings Park, NY 11754

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