Getting front Starboard lift pin socket stuck 7.

Prior to applying "super fillet", we noticed the wide area washers on the inboard side of the fuse were not too close to laying flat on the fuse.
We scuff sanded all and applied a fillet of Aeropoxy / 30 minute / Flox.
Now the washers are nice and flat to their mating surface.
We JB KWIKed the washers to the bolts prior to Floxxing to keep them perpendicular.
We needed to use slightly longer bolts.
Due to the angle of the wide area washers, this forced us to use 5/16" thick foam for stiffeners. I guess I could have bent the washers a bit, but chose to take the 1/16" thicker foam route and use 5/16" instead of 1/4".
We only lightly tightened the bolts / washers till they cured.

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