Tie-bar 16.

We fabricated the two plywood blocks from a piece of 3/4" marine grade plywood Wayne had on hand. It has more plies than what Europa supplied and doesn't have a large soft filler every other layer.
.750" is too thick so I sanded it down to ~ .650". The supplied piece of plywood is 5/8" or .625".
In anticipation of bonding in place these blocks, we decided to wet out with some Aeropoxy and heat with a heat gun, (to thin out Epoxy and hopefully soak in a little better). We did this several times then peel plied the bonding surface.
We plan to use JB KWIK to bond the blocks in place, but even with heat JB KWIK is still pretty thick. I think JB KWIKing this peel plied Aeropoxy surface to the back of the cockpit module will stick pretty well.

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