Fred 1.

> With your fairing/s it's a definite change compared to a stock
> Classic.
> Did Justin too fill his flap closeout? Does he have any problems
> with Carbon Monoxide?


The key difference between the stock Classic (and XS for that matter)
and a bird w/ my fairings is that the slot for the flap drive is
completely covered by the fairing.

As for Justin's installation, one of the following pixs shows clearly
that the flap extension is not filled, but it is somewhat ambiguous as
to whether or not his fairing covers the entire slot for the flap drive.

As for Frans' installation, I do not know whether or not his flap
extensions are filled. He has attached a portion of the lower surface
fairing to the underside of the flap, so his slots will be covered
when flaps are retracted.


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