Figure should keep a list of Time Wasters:
**** Trailer needing rebuild
**** Cockpit module needing rebuild because grease used in tufnal bushings
Note there is no corrosion protection on metal on accelerated cockpit module
**** Undercarriage mounting frame powder coat needing removal and stops for monowheel were undercenter requiring repair
**** Fuse racked near stabilators requiring repair
**** Stabilators > bushings not properly positioned and debonding, and drive bushings not bonded well, AOA not even, after unacceptable repair stabilators shipped back and were not packaged properly and got pretty busted up, amine blush on accelerated control surfaces, all of the above requiring repair
**** Stabilator torque tube drive pin fit poor with 3/8" trilobal ill fitting holes and bad fit of stabilator drive to torque tube all requiring repair
**** Accelerated cockpit module spar bushings in wrong position and spar tip cowbell broke off requiring repair
**** Large void on front lift pin hardpoint on inboard fuse requiring repair
**** Delaminating instrument module requiring repair
**** Tailwheel bearings unacceptable and tire was lopsided and out of balance when it was spun requiring repair
**** Fuse lower molding missing foam below seam requiring repair
**** Fin ribs didn't fit requiring repair
**** Wingtips and closeouts too large requiring repair
**** Aileron mid span ribs too tall requiring repair
**** Gelcoat large glops that were uncured and soft or cracking and shrinking with areas of never laminated glass with large voids on lead edge of wings (short) and spine/vertical fin
**** Factory interior not fitting needing redesign and repair
**** Friction design for throttle not acceptable on 914 FWF needing repair

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