Airbox probe housing only.

My sender fits perfect inside UMAs probe housing. Note the black washer, it is coated with rubber.

Frans said he has the same sender body from UMA and he says dosen't really measure anything else other than outside temp of airbox. Too much thermal conductivity of Brass probe to airbox and too little airflow. This may be a carb air temp sender that measures a much faster airflow?
He is going to check design of how Rotax measures for TCU input of airbox .
Anyway I did a quick calculation:
At ~ 100% power airspeed in airbox ~13.9MPH and carbs 49.7MPH.
Mind you when less than full throttle carb velocity will be higher.
I used 800 gallons a minute with a 4" diameter for airbox and 400 gallons a minute and a 1.5" diameter for carb. 1 gallon = 231 cubic inches.

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