Going to add a 6 position switch.

Plan is to install a 6 position rotary switch so I can display 6 stations.
1) Certain, ambient temperature in a 1.5" dished depression in stabilator fairing
2) Certain airbox temperature
3) Certain under instrument module above Becker radio and transponder
4 to 6 uncertain.
*Upper aft in cowl
*Perhaps inside cockpit
*Female connector in cowl which would give me ability to monitor anything
*Starter temp
*Ducati regulator
*Inside firewall/footwell shroud that covers TCU, wastegate servo, Ducati regulator, LR3C regulator if I go that route

As far as the ambient temperature sender per Bob 1):
*We install a small dished cup in the tailplane fairing..
*The cup is recessed into the fuselage faring not the stabilator. There are
a number of ways to make a small cup to insert into a 1 ½ inch hole with the
probe mounted to the base of the cup just enough that it does not protrude
past the edge of the fairing. Simple and effective.
*The small cup overlaps with 2 layers bid with 4 layers in the bottom where the probe attaches. A little filler to smooth it out.

After researching my options, I am going to install my OAT sender on the port stabilator fairing on the fuse. It can be accessed through starboard inspection cover to do layup. Location is a few inches forward of the stabilator torque tube/spar. I have a procedure to install that includes first drilling with a Unibit leaving the outside skin with a larger hole than the inside. Then dig foam between fuse glass and fill with flox. Then insert a sphere, in my case a superball with saran wrap streached over it and 3 BID (The stepped hold follows sphere. I will end up with a dished out recess with my sender being slightly below fairing height. My sender is a 3/16" cylinder with a flat and 3/16' long. Outside hole is .870".

I fooled with a ping pong ball, but since my sender is so small I opted for a smaller hole.
Ron P.

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