A-265 - (XS-FUN) - N4211W / Wayne Gutschow+Ron Parigoris

A-265 - (XS-FUN) - N4211W on Long Island (NY) - PU Lakeland Y3-04 >>>>>> Top fuse bonded on Y9-04-29. A-265 - (XS-FUN) - N4211W on Long Island, (NY)
Y2-12-31 Kit ordered form John Hurst
Y3-04-15 Wayne and his Dad Art, P.U. Kit from Lakeland, (John Hurst and his girlfriend).
Y3-06-15 Began build after hangar was ready.
E04 After Europa came back in business we purchased a set of long wings they had in inventory, P.U. NC
Y7-12-20 My Dad passed away, 1 year with no work done on Europa build.
Y9-04-29 Fuse top bonded on.
Y10-10-04 Both wings closed with ailerons and flaps hung, filled and sanded close to paint.
Y10-10-31 Wings rigged and lift pin sockets bonded in place.
N8AX ReRegister between 02 and 04-2012
N4211W ReRegister between 05 and 07-2013

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